Proxy and Anonymity / Hide IP

Internet security and protection of local data is an urgent issue today. Therefore, we decided to create the LifeShield service which allows user to resolve problem of anonymity at an affordable price. Unlike proxy server, LifeShield allows user to fully protect the network and take full advantage of the VPN capabilities without connecting third-party applications.

Our system works on the basis of the user’s Wi-Fi router settings. Control connections, add or exclude allowed URLs, filter intrusive ads or take an advantage of faster access to frequently used web sites.

Our service complies with all ISO / IEC 27001 (ISO 27001) standards, which contains descriptions of the world's best practices in the field of information security management. ISO 27001 specifies requirements for an information security management system to demonstrate the ability of an organization to protect its information resources. This international standard has been prepared as a model for the development, implementation, operation, monitoring, analysis, maintenance and improvement of an information security management system (ISMS).

LifeShield Benefits

  • Simple setup. The user doesn’t need to use VPN apps on every device in the network. It is enough to connect only once. The product performs all complex settings on its own, the user only needs to select from the list of available options.
  • Access to information in all regions. Use a VPN worldwide to browse regional content and protect corporate data. LifeShield allows to bypass the site block by country, returning full access to the global Internet network.
  • Affordable prices. We do not offer to buy a proxy for each device on the local network as most companies, which offer data protection services, do. It is much more profitable to connect a service that provides a secure data transmission channel through the router instead of several proxies. There is no need to buy expensive modified equipment: LifeShield includes everything you need for a stable secure connection to the network.
  • Quality assurance and trial period. LifeShield offers a free trial for 30 days. All packages include a 100% money-back guarantee during the first paid 30 days of service.
  • 24/7 support. If you have any questions about the usage of the VPN service around the world, application settings, traffic optimization or data security, contact us using LiveChat or the Ticket system. An experienced specialist will answer within a few minutes, provide a free-of-charge consultation and technical assistance.

How to stay anonymous on the Internet: the solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Protection of confidential data and anonymity on the Internet are main functions of the LifeShield service. You set the appropriate settings on the router and it creates a secure tunnel to access the Internet. Hackers will not be able to determine the real IP address even if security protocols are violated or there are any leaks, related to incorrect operation of applications installed on your devices.

Hiding the IP address is the main security measure against hacker attacks, hacking of individual devices and data theft. It is recommended to hide the IP address when you first connect to the Internet, and then work with the global network only using VPN.

How to hide IP address on the Internet for each PC in a corporate network:

  • 1. Set up a monthly subscription to the LifeShield service. If you are using LifeShield for the first time, take advantage of the trial period: 30 days of free connection with the standard tariff
  • 2. Install the LifeShield control app to hide the IP address. Select the type of encryption in the settings or leave the default settings: in the future, this option can be changed at any time;
  • 3. Configure restrictions for corporate connections. For security reasons, it is recommended to use anonymous proxy servers to set special rules for connection. Allow or deny access to sites for different groups of users, manage office connections and analyze data through one application;

Anonymity and security on the Internet begins with the use of professional data protection tools. We offer to use proxy all over the world on the following conditions:

  • Complete anonymity on the Internet. Encrypting traffic before sending it by the router avoids tracking down the IP address: the Internet resources you visit receive information only about connections through a proxy;
  • Freedom from the Law on Data Retention. In recent years, many of our clients have faced the question: how to ensure anonymity on the Internet, if the current legislation of some countries requires the storage of connection data for several years? Our company is registered in an offshore zone. LifeShield users remain anonymous and do not expose corporate data to unnecessary risks;
  • Surfing the net without any restrictions. Anonymity on the Internet gives another advantage: the ability to view pages restricted by region. If you regularly encounter restrictions on access to video or news sites related to the region of your connection, use LifeShield to fix this problem for good;

Our advantages

Why you should trust us:

  • 1. There is no need to use VPN applications individually on each device or use a proxy;
  • 2. Monthly subscription prices are significantly lower, than existing analogues and VPN services. Also, the user does not have to pay immediately for a subscription;
  • 3. The user can select the type of encryption on their own. At the same time, it is possible to switch the type of encryption instantly depending on the tasks being performed;
  • 4. There is no need to purchase expensive prepared (flashed) routers;

Our service is flexible, convenient, free and profitable. Please contact us!