Brand Description

MikroTik takes a leading position in the market and receives high marks from leading experts. The company was founded in 1996. Initially the manufacturer produced only routers, but then the types of products expanded. In 2002, specialists developed the first version of the unique software (RouterOS).

Nowadays the brand brings together diverse tasks and provides users with a vast arsenal of technical tools that make it easier and better to work on a PC. The company owns a developed distribution network that covers all localities of the world. The MikroTik technique ideally meets the needs of large IT companies and individuals.

The brand's popularity is connected to several factors:

  • harmonious ratio of price and quality;
  • unique products that have no analogues;
  • an impeccable reputation, proven by time;

The routers are suitable for use in any environment (home or office). Products with a basic set of options fully satisfy the requirements of the average user. Advanced functionality is needed for those who use rare technologies for professional purposes and need additional features.

MikroTik is one of the most famous manufacturers of network equipment and trains specialists in the telecommunications field.