VPN server and VPN service

A VPN server is a great way to keep your anonymity online and access resources that are not available in your country. LifeShield offers the ability to work with a VPN server on favorable terms. Experience of working with representatives of large and medium-sized businesses, as well as knowledge of the trends in global data protection technologies allowed the company to create a high-quality and simple product to protect ordinary network users. As a result, customers can buy the best VPN using our service. The services are provided using equipment from MikroTik.

Which server is better?

Do users think about which VPN server to choose? The answer to the question directly depends on the needs. High-speed VPN will suit the needs of all users, but it is important to consider the number of connected devices. If you use LifeShield, then you will not have a question about how to setup a VPN on a router, even with a large number of devices. In order to do this, just download a special application and set the required parameters. After that, the anonymous VPN for the router will be ready to work. LifeShield offers 3 main pricing plans. Among them, it is easy to decide which VPN service to choose. In order to do this, you need to consider in more detail the features of each tariff:

  • Standard. Connection to the VPN server through a router and other devices is established automatically. The number of working devices connected to the network must not exceed 10. Within the tariff, the user can choose one of the encryption packages. 10 Mb– encryption package OpenVPN. Sufficient for small business needs and home use. This is a good home VPN server.
  • Business. This tariff is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as it is recommended to use up to 20 devices. There are 2 options for encryption packages: 20 Mb– encryption package OpenVPN, 60 Mb– encryption package PPTP. This is a good anonymous VPN server for corporate clients. Setting up a VPN server on your router will be as easy as in other packages.
  • VIP. Can be used by customers who need to encrypt their data and access the network. As a part of the package, the client receives not only high-speed access to the network, but also a consultation from a specialist regarding the placement of equipment. Setting up a VPN through a proxy server will also be quick and easy. Thus, VPN server configuration will not take much of the owner of this package. The client will receive a ready-made VPN server.

Support is provided via Ticket and Live Chat 24/7. With the help of support, you can consult how a simple VPN server works, how much the VPN server costs, and even how to connect to a VPN server. Support always helps answer most common technical questions.

Why Choose LifeShield?

Customers who are looking for the fastest VPN server can take advantage of LifeShield's offers. We not only answer the question of where to get a VPN server, but also allow the user to use the capabilities of a VPN server on favorable terms. Cooperation with us has a number of important advantages, such as:

  • to get internet through VPN server you do not need to use our application on every device. All parameters will be active for all devices on the network;
  • setting up a VPN server will not be too expensive. Our paid VPN server costs significantly less than its counterparts. In this case, the client does not have to pay immediately for the entire period of use. The fee for the VPN server will be charged from the user's card every month, which is very convenient and profitable;
  • VPN server installation is very easy. It is possible to quickly switch between encryption types. At the same time, a router with VPN server support is a flexible tool for both small and medium-sized businesses. It is also suitable for home use;
  • a remote VPN server from our company does not require purchasing a flashed router. All actions happen without additional complications for the users of the service;
  • it is also worth choosing our company because we organize complex systems in a simple way. The user needs just to select the power needed for them, and everything will be ready for connection and work;
  • we provide the declared connection speed. It is important to remember that there are factors that can limit it. That is why, before using the service, you should check the speed of your Internet connection and the parameters of the router. This is very important for every user who wants to improve the quality of communication;